From the Creator, Vilia Putrius


Some of my first memories are of my mother and father creating things as if by magic with their hands. Growing up in a family of circus artists, I watched my parents make beautiful costumes for their performances. I was fascinated by their talent and learned to knit when I was five, out of a desire to also be able create with just my hands.

As my career as a professional dancer took shape, creating things with my hands took more of a hobby role in my life. I would only make a few things here and there for myself, until one day my husband, also a professional dancer, asked if I could knit him a wool warm-up, as he didn’t have anything he was truly satisfied with. From there I got more and more requests until finally I was inspired to found Arleo Wear in September 2014. I have been overjoyed to blend my two passions, and (hopefully) help dancers and athletes around the world feel beautiful and cozy.